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Have issues? Direct your thoughts to... We are not qualified therapists so don't expect good advice from us.

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If you wish to submit one or more videogame avatars to our collection you can use the email above.
Then do the following:

1. Send a Maximum of 10 icons per submission.

2. The icons should be saved as a JPG, GIF or PNG. And we only list avatars that are 100x100 or 80x80 pixels in size. Other sizes won't be accepted for now.

3. Don't forget to tell us what game each icon comes from.

4. Specify the name by which you want to be credited.

5. If you want us to link to your site or email, please tell us and specify the URL.

6. We will credit you on the avatar page (where your icon appears) and on our Credits page as well.

7. Only submit icons you made yourself. Obviously. o.O

And above all, your submissions are appreciated so thank you!^^