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The icons on this site were made by dumbbum (unless specified otherwise) and are available for free. If you use these images, a link back to our site ( is appreciated but not mandatory.

Avatar Submission Credits heart of the avatar site

There are currently no icons submitted by other designers.

Avatar Templates heart of the avatar site

The following sites offer beautiful free templates that we used for some of our avatars.

Daystar Design <<..Daystar Design

Templates Resource <<..Templates Resource

Textures and Brushes heart of the avatar site

Textures and Brushes used for our icons were taken from the following sites.


LJ user : _iconographer

LJ user : banquier

LJ user : crazydelight

LJ user : sixtysixheavens

LJ user : angelalpev

LJ user : babliz

LJ user : dimensiongirl

LJ community : le_mot_art

LJ user : nokitas

LJ user : sanami276

LJ user : yunhe

LJ user : serene_infinity

Shivika's Corner

LJ community : serene_makers

Texture King <<

Also EMtextures and textures by Solstice_Fairy


Graphic Pieces


Mint Tea Graphics <<..Mint Tea Graphics

Celestial-Star <<..Celestial-Star

Magitek Designs <<..Magitek Designs

Lush Brushes <<..Lush Brushes

Jan's Designs <<..Jan's Designs

Fleur PSP Brushes <<..Fleur PSP Brushes

Head Banner Credits heart of the avatar site

The banner image of this site was provided by FreeWebTemplates. It's a creation of ffnemesis (site).

The animated Yoshi gif is from Video Game Gifs.

Game Pictures heart of the avatar site

Some sites with video game pictures that we used for our icons.

More to be listed soon.

Website Design heart of the avatar site

Our site template was provided by

About heart of the avatar site is a website that belongs to a group of comic artists. It hosts our online comics amongst other fancies that we deem entertaining at the moment.

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